Tuesday, December 16, 2014

On the Cusp of the Big 5-0

It's now December 16th. My last day of being 49 years old. What a trip!

I used to think 30 was old, and I in NO WAY feel like I'm turning 50 tomorrow, on Wednesday. That's a half-century old!

Where did the time go, I ask?

Ah, well. I've learned a lot of things, made plenty of mistakes, had tons of laughs, cried a whole bunch, and met a lot of interesting people along the way.

I'm ready for my next 50 years, please and thank you benevolent (yet sometimes challenging) Universe.

I heard if you haven't grown up by the time you're 50, you don't have to. A good thing, since I wasn't planning on it anyway! *cackle*

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

[Dream] Cafeteria Shenanigans

Last night I had another weird Trazodone-fueled dream. I looked into it, and Trazodone does give some people weird-ass dreams. They're so bizarre and disconcerting to some that people stop taking it. Not me, though. Strangely, I look forward to a new adventure every night.

Some dreams are more disturbing than others, but they're *never* boring. Last night I was in a cafeteria with my daughter Britt. The cafeteria was full of all sorts of food -- but it was weird, odd food. Strange colors, strange combinations, odd dishes.

Britt kept wandering off, which annoyed me. I'd turn around to ask her something, and she was gone again. When I went to call for her, I'd yell for Wendy, even though I knew her name was Britt. The name Wendy came out of my mouth each and every single time, and I'd go, "Damnit, I meant Britt!"

I told Britt about the dream and when I mentioned that I called her Wendy over and over, she replied, "Mmm...Wendy's sounds good." Lol! I have to agree with her. I could go for a Frosty right now.

Yes, I know it's not healthy food and all of that. I'm not completely daft! I still want a Frosty and a spicy chicken sandwich. So there! ;-p

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Presenting Chicago Writer and Editor Jonathan Porter

Man, there are times when I'm overwhelmed with pride because of my kids. This is one of them!

My son, Jonathan, finally has his own site. He is a writer and editor (just like his dear old mom!). But, unlike me, he's worked for cool-ass places like Madison Square Garden and Lions Gate Entertainment.

If you have a moment, please stop by. He is still working on the site, but there's content up there already and it's filling out nicely. Plus, I'm proud and I wanna share it with you guys!


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Starting on a new and unexpected journey: my recent diagnoses of lipedema and lymphedema

Hi, everyone. I usually try to keep this blog for writing-related stuff and/or inspirational stuff. A lot of personal stuff doesn't get posted here, because I'd prefer to keep things lighter, if you get my meaning. I tend to have an intense personality (laughs) and can be quite opinionated, so I prefer to put any rants on my personal blog. ANYWAY, I wanted to mention that I haven't been posting many updates on here much  because I was recently diagnosed with both lipedema *and* lymphedema.

Now, these are NOT caused by regular edema. They are *not* caused by diet, weight, lack of exercise, or anything else. The problem lies in the lymphatic system of the body. You cannot diet, use diuretics, or exercise your way to reversing these diseases because they are due to a compromised or blocked system. Many people who have had cancer (particularly breast cancer) suffer from lymphedema. I have both lipedema as well as lymphedema. Because, you know, having one was apparently not good enough, right? /sarcasm

The first is a rare disease. For men, even rarer (I've heard only two men have ever had it, and only 11% of the female population will get it as well.) These are diseases that cannot be cured, are irreversible, and require daily care so they do not get worse. You can manage them, but that's about it. The causes are unknown, but mine are likely hereditary, according to my doctor and therapist.

Now, let me say that I DO NOT want pity, people to feel sorry for me, or any of that mess. That does nobody any good. AWARENESS is a good thing, though. I've been through a helluva lot in my life and I will do just fine, thank you. I'm a survivor!

However, my life has been altered in ways I never imagined. Although it's too involved to post here, if you do not know about these diseases, Google will point you to many resources. I didn't know anything about these diseases until I was diagnosed, and most people don't know about them, either. In fact, many doctors in the U.S. are not well-schooled in them, either. They often misdiagnose or miss these diseases because they are not as educated about them as European physicians are.

At any rate, my husband is helping me with the daily bandaging and double compression stockings I must wear on my legs for at least 12 hours daily. I go in twice weekly for physical therapy and Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) as well. In addition, I have to do special breathing exercises in order to stimulate various areas of the lymphatic system in order to facilitate movement and drainage of fluids.

Okay, so enough of that. The POINT of this post is to let people know that there's a lot going on with me right now, and although I'm getting used to the realization that I will never get rid of these two serious diseases and their physical effects, the mental and emotional toll is probably much worse. The potential loss of mobility, the cosmetic issues, the knowledge that I will have to wear these special compression garments the rest of my life or things will become more severe, is hard to take. Thankfully, I have a loving, supporting husband, children, and friends.

While this will not affect my writing or editing (I will do that until I draw my last breath), it does affect my physical ability to do certain things. It also means that I will not be able to participate in some events I've been invited to attend.

I am also saying "no" to any stressful things or situations. Quite frankly, this is enough to deal with, so any people, things, or situations that aren't positive and supportive are no longer part of my life. It has to be that way.

Finally, I will be writing more about this new development and blogging about this new and unexpected journey over on my personal blog if you want to follow over there (http://theredmistdescends.blogspot.com/).

So, thanks for following blog here; I appreciate your patience and understanding while I get a handle on these new changes in my life. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming!

Keep writing, keep dreaming!

Love & Light,


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Welsh Dreams...

Paul is watching "Penny Dreadful." Timothy Dalton is in the series and I melt every damned time I see him in anything, pretty much. *sigh* Plus, he's Welsh.

In the copy of the genealogical papers I have from the family historian on my birth mother's side, my 9th generation ancestors, William Hughes and (Mary) Molly Daten, married in Surrey, England. Molly Daten was born in Wales and lived to be 87. They had six children: Mary Hughes (1748-1810), Susannah Hughes (1767-1834), Rebecca Hughes (1769-Unknown), Elizabeth Hughes (1774-1870), Moses Hughes (1774-1841), and Milburn Hughes (1776-1867).

I have Scottish ancestors as well (Clan Fergusson and Clan MacNeil of Barra), but I haven't spent as much time investigating my Welsh, Irish, and Northern European ancestry.

After having my DNA test done, there are so many parts that make up the whole. I love this stuff!

Perhaps when I go back to the UK, I can visit Wales and see my friends Gareth Tamplin and Robin James Ganderton.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Important Info About Me and This Blog ;-)

A warm welcome to new followers of my blog. Glad to have you here.

Notice: I'm outspoken, blunt at times, affable most of the time (but do not suffer fools), and am not Christian (a lot of my family/friends are, though).

My most potent weapon are my words and my acid tongue when I get riled over something—Paul can attest to that. He calls it verbal (or written) napalm. I also curse at times and, as a typical Sagittarian sun sign (with a Virgo rising and a Gemini moon), it can be an interesting and oft-confusing ride at times. I often open my mouth (or type things out) without thinking that I might inadvertently offend someone.

One rule I have that will not bend is that this is my blog, and thus is my virtual home. This means I say what I want, post what I want, and do not ask for nor require your approval to share unvarnished, raw thoughts or posts here. If you start problems or attack other commenters here, I will delete your comments and you. So keep things nice and polite. Instead of getting butthurt or stirring up shit with me, it's best to ignore my posts for a while, scroll on by, or unfriend me if you're bothered over something I post. I am who I am and, at 49, I'm not changing who I am to avoid making you feel uncomfortable

Here's what you need to know: I'm an ex-Army brat, a professional writer and editor (17 years as of this month), pagan (for 30 years), pro-choice, pro-gay marriage (I have a gay brother and numerous gay friends who are like family to me), independent liberal (and a proud American!), not big on guns (though if you want 'em, I don't want to take 'em away, unless you shouldn't have them for obvious reasons), love swords/daggers/katana/sharp gadgets, intrigued by Samurai, a Japanophile, into Eastern philosophy/social psychology (I minored in philosophy and majored in communication & psychology in college), curous about what causes abnormal behavior (esp. sociopaths/psychopaths), a nocturnal soul, and a paranormal investigator (for 9 years).

Since I'm a professional copy editor, I do get wigged out over misused apostrophes and misuses of your/you're or there/their, etc. Take it with a grain of salt, though. We all make mistakes; in fact, I make them frequently! Nobody is perfect, after all. ;-)

If you message or e-mail me, I answer as I can. When I'm working or involved in creative projects, I do not answer personal messages or texts until I'm ready. Unless you pay to retain me 24/7, you will have to learn patience *grin* Unless it's bleeding or on fire, or if I'm otherwise engaged, ya gotta wait.

There's more, but that'll give you an idea of who I am and what you should expect. That way if you can't handle who I am, you can run for the hills now! *snicker* Otherwise, I hope you decide to stay so we can have fun and laughs together.


P.S.—I also know I'm verbose *shrugs*

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cave of Solitude: Do Not Interrupt!

When I become highly focused on something I'm working on or creating, I get extremely agitated when I'm interrupted in any way (especially if it's trivial stuff). I need my Cave of Solitude time. You've heard of the man cave? Well, I have a woman cave, and woe betide anyone who bothers me. Many times, I don't even want to mess with eating or going to the bathroom, but those things I can't ignore. However, unless it's bleeding or on fire, it's best to leave me alone in my Cave of Solitude until I'm ready to emerge and join humanity again.

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