Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Nothing is paranormal, because SCIENCE.

After conducting over 100 investigations with our paranormal team, Colorado Springs Paranormal Association (C.S.P.A.), I've come to realize that some people dislike when Paul and I tell them that, in our opinion, X or Y isn't paranormal, and the claims they're making can be explained by mundane means.

They want the Hollywood creepy stuff; they want the 'woo-woo.' They want it so much that they manufacture it, even subconsciously. Most of us have done that. I sure have -- countless times!

As I've said before in other posts, I do not believe anything is truly paranormal or supernatural. To me, it's all natural and can be explained by science -- if not now, then eventually.

All the amazing events that happen in our universe -- and beyond -- are still awe-inspiring, thrilling, and magickal, even without the 'woo-woo' attached to it.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

[Question] Different writing style?

Received this question in my e-mail, via LinkedIn. Here's the question and my answer:

Dear Bev,

Hope all is well.

I noticed on your profile that you have been a journalist for some time now. I am curious to know how you got into it? Your writing style is quite different to other journalists I have come across.

Look forward to hearing from you.

My Best,

Shan White, owner
Women's Peak Performance Coaching
"Create The Life You See, When You Close Your Eyes and Dream"
(719) 388-8758

Hi, Shan!

Good to hear from you.

I transferred into journalism class in 9th grade, as suggested by my teacher, Mr. Martinez, because he thought I was too advanced for regular English class. From there, I worked on the middle school and high school newspapers, eventually becoming editor-in-chief of The Gladitorial by senior year.

At the age of 17, I was a fledgling reporter for the Colorado Springs Sun. It was my first paid position as a writer, earning me $20 per published article. My editor was Mary Mashburn. Unfortunately, that newspaper is defunct. I still have clips, though!

After graduating high school in the top 10% of my class, I was awarded five scholarships to Phillips University in Enid, Oklahoma, where I joined the Haymaker newspaper staff for a while. While there, I majored in Mass Communication & Psychology.

In 1985, I took time off from college for marriage and children. Eventually, I went back to college and attended the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. I majored in Applied Communication & Philosophy, with an emphasis on East-West religions. I also completed an independent study of death & dying in pagan societies.

Over the years, I continued to freelance and published several e-zines, including Scribe & Quill, which I edited and published for 15 years. I also published other e-zines, including Inscriptions, Scribes of the Goddess, and Pen & Pentacle.

In 1991, I had my first paid magazine article published in Housewife-Writers' Forum. I continued to freelance part-time until I was able to leave my municipal government job in 1997 to become a full-time freelance writer. Since then, I've had hundreds of pieces published, both short and long, in print magazines as well as online publications.

So, yes, I've been a professional scribe for 18 years now, but I wrote my first story in the 6th grade. My teacher told me I wrote well and that I should become a writer. I took her advice ;-). As of now, I've written more non-fiction/journalistic pieces than anything else, by far.

Long explanation, but this is what my career has been like over the years. It's how I got from there to where I am now. An unconventional route, for sure!

While it's true my writing style isn't like many others, I wouldn't have it any other way. Not sure if I could change it now! *grin*

Thanks for asking this question! It was fun to give it some thought and answer it.

How are you doing?

Have a great weekend!


Friday, August 28, 2015

[Writing Contest] Dark of Night short story contest

)0( Triple Crow Publishing )0( presents the Dark of Night short story contest

Entries open through midnight EDT, September 30, 2015.

This will be the first in a series of themed writing contests sponsored by
)0( Triple Crow Publishing )0(.

All writers, published and unpublished, are welcome to enter.

TCP’s favorite time of year is almost here! Halloween/Samhain is approaching, when the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest. Naturally, it’s the perfect time to tell creepy tales designed to send shivers down our spines.

Are you up to the task? Enter today and find out!

Participation fee: $3

What we’re looking for in the winning entry:

Weave a bone-chilling tale we’ll remember. Make your tale short, original, and scary. Get inside our heads and terrify us as best you can!

We prefer intense, maddening psychological scares to senseless blood spatter and gore. If your story includes violence, it must have a purpose beyond shocking your readers.

Slither into our minds and terrify us enough to cause sleepless nights and life-altering nightmares – all within a 2,000-word limit. If you do all of these things, and do them well, you could emerge a winner.


1st place - $35 Amazon gift card & publication in TCP’s new quarterly publication, From the Crow’s Nest.

In addition, the winning entry will be featured in TCP’s first annual short story anthology, due for release the first quarter of 2016.

2nd place - $25 Amazon gift card & publication in TCP’s new quarterly publication, From the Crow’s Nest

3rd place - $15 Amazon gift card & publication in TCP’s new quarterly publication, From the Crow’s Nest

Submit your entry by September 30th to triplecrowpublishing@gmail.com with CONTEST ENTRY in the subject line. Please paste your short story directly into the body of your email. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS.

Send your $3 participation fee via PayPal (http://www.paypal.com) to triplecrowpublishing@gmail.com

(You DO NOT have to have PayPal to complete this step.)

When you send your participation fee, please add your name and your story’s title in the payment notes section. If you are paying the fee for someone else, provide the entrant’s name and story title so we will know which entry matches your fee.

Note: Your short story entry is NOT valid until we have received both your story AND your fee. Stories not accompanied with paid entry fees will be disqualified and unread.


* Entries must be double-spaced and in Arial or Times New Roman 12-point font

* Entries must include your full, legal name. If you have a pen name, indicate your preferred author name. Also include your mailing address and your preferred email address.

* Entries may be previously published; however, you must have permission to resell/reprint your story. TCP only asks for one-time rights to publish your story.

* No entries over 2,000 words.

* Plagiarism will not be tolerated. You must submit your OWN original work.

* Judges’ decisions are final

* TCP is not responsible for late, lost, or misdirected email entries

* Entry fees are non-refundable

Please note: failure to follow contest rules may disqualify your entry.

By participating in this contest, you affirm you have read these rules and agree to abide by them.

This short story contest is not associated with or endorsed by Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform.

Have additional questions? Email triplecrowpublishing@gmail.com with CONTEST QUESTION in the subject line.

Best of luck!

Official Nocturnal Baker community on Facebook

Come join The Nocturnal Baker Community on Facebook

Since my three favorite things to do at night are writing, crocheting, and baking, I thought it was time for me to make a page strictly for my nocturnal baking pursuits. I'll post recipes, pics, and information on there for others who enjoy baking -- especially at night!

Have a recipe you'd like me to try one of these nights? Post a link or info on my Nocturnal Baker page and share it with me.

If I decide to try your recipe, I'll post a photo of the finished product there. PLUS, you'll also win a FREE eBook on baking, cooking, or food from me as a thank you.

Glad you're here.

Bon appetit!


Monday, August 24, 2015

[Dream] United States Tsunami

Dreamed of a HUGE tsunami ravaging an American city last night. I was in a high-rise building, watching it approach. It was terrifying in its beauty.

A monstrous wave rose up and covered everything in its path. Watching it, all I could think about was the power of Mother Nature and the feelings of awe and fear competing with one another for top billing.

So many buildings and people wiped out in a flash. I survived, but the aftermath was nothing but destruction, chaos, and confusion for those who managed to escape it.

What an intense dream!

(*Note: I usually post my dreams here -- not all, but some of them -- because I want a record of them AND I sometimes use them as fodder for my writing. Dreams are excellent sources for ideas! If you don't keep a dream journal, you should ;-))

Saturday, August 22, 2015

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If you haven't liked my page yet, please do. Much gratitude for your support ;-)

Have a page or group of your own? Post your link in the comment section below and I will return the favor.


Friday, August 21, 2015

Latest issue of Nocturnal Musings

The newest issue of Nocturnal Musings is out.

Featured articles include:
* Scientists produce new type of glass
* Why your color perception changes with the seasons
* Lab-grown diamonds -- what you should know
...and more

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

FREE through August 5, 2015 ~ Sun Signs for Writers


SUN SIGNS FOR WRITERS (originally released in print by Writer's Digest Books) is also available in eBook format at Amazon.

Download from Amazon here: http://amzn.com/B005HA0OA4
Download from Amazon UK here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B005HA0OA4

SUN SIGNS FOR WRITERS blends the subjects of writing and astrology in an unusual way that intrigues, motivates, and inspires readers not only to know themselves better in an astrological way, but as creative persons as well.

Writers learn the general characteristics they possess based on the inclinations of their zodiacal sun sign. This information touches on areas of their sun sign that may make them stronger writers as well as cautioning them about sun sign traits that may hinder their progress. End-of-chapter writing exercises will urge each writer-sign type to stretch personal boundaries, break writer’s block, and hone their innate talents/abilities.

Finally, writers will discover a new tool for developing characters based on each sun sign's physical/mental/emotional makeup.

There are many techniques for mastering characterization found in countless books on writing, but this book provides a unique and creative way of building characters using the zodiac to develop the perfect character to suit your story needs.

SUN SIGNS FOR WRITERS will help you connect with your inner writer in ways you've never imagined before!




++ Midwest Book Review calls SUN SIGNS FOR WRITERS "A unique, revealing guide."

++ C. Hope Clark, author and editor of Funds for Writers, says: "Bev Walton-Porter has created a genuinely fun book in Sun Signs for Writers. I read it in one sitting, a rarity in my busy and hectic world."

++ Author Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D.: "Sun Signs for Writers is one of the most helpful books you'll ever find. Buy it, read it, and set it on your shelf beside The Elements of Style, The Transitive Vampire, and the Chicago Manual of Style."

++ Ginnie Bivona, Director of Atriad Press: "...this is more than just another astrology book; I intend to suggest this book to every aspiring writer I come in contact with, it's got more useful suggestions, and concise information about how to make it in this industry than I have read anywhere else in a very long time. It's inspiring and informative, and personally I think it belongs on the shelf of every writer. It's that good."

++ Jenna Glatzer, author of The Street-Smart Writer and Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer"What an entertaining gift for a writer who's interested in astrology. It's a quick read filled with practical tips about writing and submitting, and ideas bound to spark your creativity. In addition to using the book to analyze yourself, you can use it as a quirky way to shape your characters."